Magento Support and Maintenance

As in every field, support is very important in E-Commerce. Unfortunately, most of the E-Commerce companies see the concept of support only as the healthy operation of their own software and the use of menus.

As people who have been dealing with E-Commerce professionally since 2009, we can say that if E-Commerce is an orchestra, E-Commerce software is only an instrument in this orchestra.

The fact that Magento is widespread throughout the world has enabled many companies providing services in the field of e-commerce to make modules and developments compatible with magento.

When you do E-Commerce with Magento, you have a multi-instrument choir. And at almost no development cost. We provide you with installation and support services for Magento and other modules (3rd party software).

Magento Server
The services provided by the support include best practice recommendations for server and hosting, installing Magento or repairing installed programs.
Magento Repair, Bug Fix & Boost
This section covers diagnostics and often resolving functional or visual problems in the Magento product.
Magento Marketing
It is recommended that you learn more about the marketing strategies in Magento 2 and the benefits for your business.
Magento Basic Installation Issues
We help you set up Magento so your chosen payment methods, shipping options, tax rates, languages and more are set up correctly.
Magento Analytics
Being able to monitor traffic on your Magento 2 website allows you to better manage the products in your store and have more customers.
Magento Mobile
Unlike Magento 1, Magento 2 was originally designed to be responsive, no matter what device merchants and customers use.
Magento ``How`` Questions
Our Magento experts will help you get the most out of Magento and answer your questions, from catalog agency to advanced marketing promotions.
Magento Coding
Magento 2 best practices and coding standards let you focus on the quality of your code. This code comes with tools like sniffer (phpcs).