Magento E-Commerce Consulting

We have worked with Magento stores of all shapes and sizes on many different types of projects. In addition to advising Magento on re-platforming, we often provide consultancy and guidance on getting more from the platform (in terms of native feature set and integration with third parties, planning major development work and helping manage backlogs).

In addition to larger technical projects, we’ve also worked in cases where we take ownership of certain projects or functions in Magento – we are often quite flexible in how you would like us to support a project. Overall, the role we bring will be either a broader e-Commerce Consultant (focused on broader areas than just Magento functions) or a Magento Solutions Architect. From time to time, we also offer services as a Project Manager in Magento architectural projects.

If you would like to discuss a project, please feel free to contact us; We can discuss whether this is appropriate or not.

We tend to act in addition to the in-house development resource or agencies rather than undertake full projects, but it is very flexible on this front.

If you have any questions about our experience or how we work, please contact us.