What is Magento?

Set up your own e-commerce site right now with Magento, the world's most popular e-commerce software!

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You are stronger with us
E-MageShop uses Magento, the world’s most preferred e-commerce infrastructure. With E-MageShop, you will step into this limitless world.
You are more free with us
E-MageShop eliminates your dependency on a single company by using the Magento infrastructure, the most widely used e-commerce platform in the world.
You are more integrated with us
With the Magento solutions of E-MageShop, you can easily integrate accounting, CRM, cargo, advertising and businesses in different sectors and scales.

Who Should Choose Magento?

It published its first version in 2008 and has been serving over 200,000 companies so far. 1 out of every 4 companies doing e-commerce worldwide prefer Magento. Who Should Choose Magento? It is suitable for anyone who has E-commerce as part of the Magento business and is professionally engaged in E-commerce. If you have serious goals regarding e-commerce, Magento is the software for you with its visual infrastructure and theme solutions specific to each sector.

Why Magento?

Are you planning to start an e-commerce store? There are several options on e-Commerce platforms and you have to choose the best one.

Magento is Open Source
Magento is Feature-Rich
Magento is scalable for every company
Magento has high security measures
Advanced SEO
Magento delivers high performance
Multiple store and language support
Magento has almost limitless plugins and modules
Fully compatible with Magento mobile
You can easily integrate with Magento
Customer Grouping
Customizable Themes

Magento Software Advantages

Magento eCommerce software platform provides online store solutions for large and growing companies.

Magento is Open Source
Magento Connect
Magento SOAP v2 API
Magento's mobile HTML5 interface
Search Engine Optimization
Customer Segmentation
Targeted Promotions
Storage and Security

Experience the Privileges of E-MageShop

E-MageShop offers you solutions to benefit from Magento’s rich and exclusive services. With E-Mageshop, you can set up and start using your own e-commerce site in minutes, free of charge. Hazır mısın? Şimdi sizin de bir Magento E-Ticaret siteniz olsun.

What Can We Integrate with Magento?

Magento can be integrated with many 3rd party applications thanks to its flexible structure and over 15 thousand developers worldwide. Marketplace Integrations, Payment System Integrations, Accounting Integrations, Cargo Integrations, Permitted Mail Integrations, Integration with Sms Companies, Integration with Price Comparison Platforms, Supplier Integrations, Integration with Google Services and Developer Integrations are some of them.

Marketplace Integrations
Marketplace Integrations

Thanks to Magento's advanced Xml support, you can integrate with any marketplace or popular E-commerce site and sell your products on these platforms.

Accounting Integrations
Accounting Integrations

With Magento, you can integrate with many local and foreign accounting programs and provide double-sided data exchange. Thanks to Magento being open source, you can freely integrate with your accounting program.

Payment System Integrations
Payment System Integrations

With Magento, you can integrate with all banks and payment systems. You can also integrate with many country and bank infrastructures abroad.

Integration with Email and Sms Companies
Integration with Email and Sms Companies

Magento allows you to integrate with many authorized email companies and sms sending companies. You can inform your customers on birthdays, official and religious days, when they place an order, via sms or e-mail.

Other Developer Integrations
Other Developer Integrations

Magento allows you to use many developer and advertising tools. You can be fully integrated with many worldwide advertising agencies, affiliate programs, analysis firms, google tools and many other third-party service companies.

Magento ile E-Ticaret Siteni Kur
Magento ile E-Ticaret Siteni Kur
  • Magento ile E-Ticaret Siteni Kur Screenshot
  • Magento ile E-Ticaret Siteni Kur Screenshot
  • Magento ile E-Ticaret Siteni Kur Screenshot
  • Magento ile E-Ticaret Siteni Kur Screenshot